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6G Technology Important Aspects About Future Scope of 6G


4G V/S 5G V/S 6G Technology

If you want to know why 6G technology is better than 4G or 5G, here is a brief description of why you should opt for the sixth generation of wireless technology without a doubt.

4G Technology

4G network technology which we are using from some years provides speed of approximately 33.88Mbps.


Supported Devices of 4G technology are mobile phones, tablets, hotspots.

5G Technology

5G network technology which has been launched in different countries in 2020 provides speed of range 40-1100 Mbps.


Supported Devices of 5G technology are mobile phones, tablets, hotspots, public infrastructure, automated cars.

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6G Technology

6G network technology which has not yet launched and is expecting to be in use in 2030 will provide speed of upto 1 Tbps. (10,00,000)


Supported devices of 6G technology will be wi-fi implants, automated cars, cellular surfaces.

The above estimations prove that as 4G is one step better than 3G, 5G is two steps better than 4G. But now 6G is going to be 10 folds better than 5G. That’s a huge number actually. 6G will be significantly more powerful than even 5G to which still in 2021 most people don’t have access. Now hopefully you have got the idea of what the 6th generation of wireless technology will be.

What will be the benefit of 6G?

Although this is a long discussion to continue here but for limited knowledge, we can say 6G network would use high-frequency radio bands. Ultimately, it will provide a much faster internet speed with extremely low latency. It could easily support highly advanced systemic technologies like automated cars and will work best for sophisticated mobile devices. Not only this, 6G will beat 5G in terms of network connectivity and reliability.

Does 6G exist in 2021?

Technically speaking no, it doesn’t exist. But theoretically, yes it does. In fact, this type of technology trend would create an entirely different new type of internet and its usage. Every decade there is a new stream of wireless networks, thus 6G would come into play till 2030 according to experts. But still it is totally dependent of 5G shortfalls. It is the time that will tell what the uptake is and how 5G is used by such a large community. However, if you really want to know the timescale of 6G technology to come up in accordance with previous ones. So here it is.,

  • 1G made available in the 1980s
  • 2G was available in the 1990s
  • 3G development was in 2003
  • 4G started in 2008-09
  • 5G from 2019
  • and now finally about 6G you got the idea when it should come.

Why 6G is getting so much hyped?

It’s because every year the consumers using internet data are at its record rates. So the companies started to work in the race for launching new network technologies early than their competitors. People are incorporating Wi-fi into virtually all aspects of everyday life and these wireless companies are competing with the traditional, broadband internet providers.

6G Vision: A more Sustainable And Connected World

6G Technology Developmental Projects

6G technological developmental projects have been started when in 2019, FCC ( Federal Communications Commissions) allowed companies to work on tetrahertz waves. These are radiowaves, much better than millimeter waves used for 5G network implementation. These are also called submillimeter waves.

Many countries like China, Korea, Finland, and even the USA have started initiatives to work upon 6G technology. Korean Institute (S.K. Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute) has started conducting experimental research on submillimeter band technology for 6G. It would make 6G 100 times faster than 4G LTE and 5 times more workable than 5G networks. Next, you know China, this country can’t lag in working towards new technological developments. They even launched the world’s first 6G satellite. So you can say, they are this much serious about their technological growth. The Finland University of Oulu has started 6Genesis. This is just about developing ideas for improving 6g technology for the next 20 years. Now USA is trying to approval from FCC for opening up a 6G frequency spectrum ranging 95Ghz to 3THz.

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