Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence: All You Need To Know About It


What is Artificial intelligence?

Any task that intelligent human beings can do using their cognitive abilities could be done by machine regulated computer systems i.e., computer-controlled robots is ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. 

Characteristics of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence inculcates development of such systems which are based on Human Intellectual Characteristics such as the ability to: 

Think, Generalize, Process, Analyze, Provides Meaning,  Learning from past experiences, Speech recognition, Problem Solving, Learning and Planning, Etc. 

Common Yet Important Examples of AI

Some People believe that AI is just the part of information technology but that’s not the case, AI has become a part of our lives in many different ways. 

  • Self-Driven Cars 
  • Drones 
  • Medical Diagnosis 
  • Medical Theorems 
  • Search Engines(Google Search) 
  • Playing Games(Chess or Go) 
  • Online Assistant (Siri) 
  • Prediction of Judicial decisions 
  • Energy Storage 

 As the technology is advancing more and more with the growing age, we have become a part of this AI system in one way or the other. Thus, You can see SIRI in your iPhone, Alexa by Amazon, Google Assistant by Google. Watson etc. 

Artificial Intelligence is the Present OR Future? 

 One of the most favored subject-matter in business community and technology industry is Artificial intelligence. Many Specialists and resource persons believe that AI is the Future. But in actual, our surroundings have ample of these machine learning systems, which we even don’t think about much. 

Now-a-days, many companies are funding handsome amount of assets in Artificial intelligence, which is the manifestation of AI products (the machine learning devices) growth at massive rate in few years. 

Intelligent AI solutions Growing Extensively In Market Today

According to United Nations, in the upcoming 5 to 7 years, people would stop talking to each other and eventually they make these automated robots their partners.

As the number of Americans using such AI products in 2020 is 85%of total population. And it would increase to threefold of its users today in 2021 by an impact of 1.8 Billion AI products active users.  

In short, people are going to suffer from “Robot Overlords”. 

Here is the Brief List of Your Favorite AI products


Provided by APPLE, Siri is one of the most popular personal assistants works in iPhone or iPad. In mobile devices, there is a speech recognition unit that works every time in the background and Siri works through this unit.

From the beginning, Apple had introduced these machine integrated systems in its devices, not just the Siri. But you can observe this pattern in Apple watch, which the company has made it even simpler and easier to use.  


      Tesla is one of the best automobiles that works as an AI product.  it has some of the unique features like self-driving, predictive capabilities and absolute technological innovation etc.

However, every year this car gets updated with the most unique features on its own. And so, if you want to have a car as shown in Hollywood Movies, Tesla is the one you are in need of. 

3) Netflix

           Next on the list is none other than Netflix, which surely needs no introduction. Netflix provides such machine learning and data science applications. And have had a massive impact on technology landscape and its users experience, ultimately changing them forever.

Furthermore, it works on the principle of similar taste for content. For example, User A might like to watch Content like User B, if they have same taste for content.

But depending on the watch and search history of user B. Thus, offering you more interesting content depending on what you were watching before. 

4) Echo

Giving regular updates plus adding more features every month, Amazon has launched its AI product, named as ECHO working on ALEXA voice service, in 2015.

It is home-automated device and have the capacity to do many jobs like making to-do-lists, setting alarms, streaming podcasts, playing audiobooks.

Moreover, it provides weather information, can control lights, switches, thermostats, answer your questions, reports traffic, schedule appointments, and other real-time information. 


             To sum up, we can say that the AI products are becoming more and more popular every minute. Because people want to buy them to make their life easier and hassle free. As a result, it has a great influence on our lifestyle, interaction with the society or our environment etc. 

Also, with the advancing age, the companies are promising to provide better than yesterday. So, here is a race of innovation and technology. And yes, there is always room for improvement.

Thus, AI companies would provide you with best customer experience every year with more development and governance.  

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