Asus ROG Phone 5 Complete Review & Specs


If early gaming phones were the house, ASUS new phone is an entire city. You might remember the ASUS ROG Phone 3 if you love gaming type of mobile devices. It was the battery life champion. It had literally the best speakers on a mobile. Honestly, it was truly the gaming smartphone of the year. But now recently, ASUS has launched a ROG phone 5, ROG phone 5 pro, and ROG phone 5 ultimate.

First Look of ASUS ROG Phone 5 After Unboxing

This phone is definitely way above 2021 standards. It comes with a sticker pack, a classic ROG style yet not very protective but stylized case. And a much faster charger than last year. Furthermore, there is a pretty nice braided USB-C cable. And Finally the phone.


The design quality we are experiencing in 2021 in phones like Samsung or iPhone is way better than ASUS ROG phone 5. It should be a design that took last year’s further to demonstrate how it’s now gotten so powerful. Like maybe there should be some chrome accents to give it some class. Or maybe even just a matte finish. As this phone is way too plain in its design.

Pixel Logo

But there is a pixel art logo on its back. It is configurable and it’s never going to be an option like that. ASUS should upgrade their phone’s design as we are 4 generations in already. You can say it is remarkedly OKAY looks. On the other hand, when you start to use it, you will know that this phone is anything but just okay.

It takes already the extreme aspects of last year’s ROG phone 3 and it cranks that lever as far as it can possibly go with current technology.

Charger and Headphone Jack

ASUS cares about yourself. They keep the charger when others dropped it. This phone still has a headphone jack with a high-end Dac to support it. In a year, it has updated that a flagship phone won’t have that.

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ASUS has put so much thought in their software categorization. Its setup screen is incredible completed with its own setup screen soundtrack.

Augmented Reality

ASUS ROG Phone 5 also got an augmented reality experience where the dead things would come to life when you view through this phone.

Standby Keys Resembles Pokémon Games

It’s probably not a coincidence that a standby key on this phone sounds like the menus in the Pokémon games. That’s too interesting for a gamer. The point is with this phone, you are actually getting a device that feels it was meticulously designed. It is made with YOU at the front and center.

Serious Specifications Sheet of ASUS ROG Phone 5

  • A 144Hz Amoled.
  • Gorilla Glass Victus Display.
  • 24.3ms touch latency (it is twice the touch responsiveness of any other flagship phones)
  • 65Watts Charger
  • 6000mA Battery
  • Snapdragon 888 chipset.
  • 8-16GBs of LPDDR5 RAM

But its actually even more than its specs make it seem.

Why You Should Not Buy 5G Ready Phones

Performance Test

You might seem that ROG phone 5 has the same chip as the US Galaxy S21 Ultra. Yes, this is the flagship-level performance. But it’s actually more than that. If you use maxed out models of both phones, you will observe in rog phone 5 how well performance can be sustained with continued use. Actually, the ROG phone heads up almost a generational leap ahead of Samsung S21 Ultra. But it does get externally hotter though. While the Samsung just sits up under 40 degrees Celcius, Asus went on up to 50.

Aeroactive Cooler For ROG 5

Now, this aeroactive cooler allows activating a higher performance mode called x mode plus. But according to ASUS, there’s still the cooling mechanism working behind even if it gets superficially hotter. Through this, the peak level of performance can be sustained continuously.

Deal of Getting A Gaming Phone

For gaming, ASUS ROG Phone 5 is more than just frame rates and points in benchmarks. You get every feature of the ROG phone 3 like

  • Capacitive triggers are now even more sensitive than the previous phone
  • Game Genie pull-out menu
  • Cross Hair Customization
  • Manually Tune CPU/GPU speeds
  • Advanced Motion Controls to games that would normally be controlled using on-screen buttons
  • Invert Screen Colors to potentially better highlight enemies
  • Instantaneous and Flappy Display Feels
  • The phone fits really well in the hands
  • The in-game audio is incredible

Although the ROG phone 3 had the best speakers you could get on in phone. It dials up the audio software to the next level whilst adding in 35% largest sound chambers.

Other Specs of ASUS ROG Phone 5

  • You can build your own custom display profile.
  • Moreover, you can have full control over animation speeds.
  • You can easily do icon customization without going in performance or battery profiles.
  • Schedule Modes are also available for the above features.

So the point is you can hand this phone to anybody while gaming and they will notice something impressive about it.

Best Approach With Battery

The best example of ASUS’s approach to this phone is what they have done with the battery. Last year ROG phone 3 already had extreme battery life. But this time we have not only had a 6000mAh battery but literally every battery protection mechanism under the sun. They have knocked the charging power from 30W to 65W while keeping the charging temperatures lower to prolong the lifespan of the battery.

ASUS Phone 5 Camera Experience

The camera system is actually the only main weakness of ROG phones till now. This does not mean that phone 5 has a bad camera.

  • It is a 64MPs main camera sensor
  • 13MPs Ultrawide
  • 5MP Macro for close-ups

But every other mobile device is improving faster every year in terms of camera.

Price in Pakistan / US

Its expected price in Pakistan is 159,999 PKR and its US / UK price would be 799 Euros.

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