BTS Stand Against Asian Racial Discrimination


BTS is a South Korean K-Pop superstar group of 7 people. They issued a statement against racial discrimination. It is because attacks against the people with Asian heritage in the United States have risen enormously during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The summary of the shooting incident is as follows. A white gunman killed 8 people belonging to Asian descent at Atlanta-area massage businesses. BTS strictly condemned racism against Asian people, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.

BTS Remarks On Atlanta Incident

They clearly explained that they themselves have experienced such discrimination. No Doubt it was a stunning ecnologment and support for the AAPI community.

Hashtags #StopAsianHate In Trend

BTS called for an end to anti-Asian racism. They used the hashtags #stopAsianhate and #stopAAPIhate. Moreover, they send their deepest condolences to those who have lost their loved ones in that shot incident. Consequently, they said that they feel grief and anger at the same time.

BTS Facing Racism In Their Past

BTS also shared their racist abuse story. They cleared that they have been mocked over their appearances many times. People made fun of and sworn at their looks. Ultimately, their morale and self-esteem went down. And there were times when they feel parleys and chipped away.

A German radio host during a live broadcast session passed few mocking sentences at BTS. He said that BTS is like a new coronavirus. This thing happened recently in last month. He further said that this boyband group is getting on the nerves of many people around the globe. On this BTS said that we cannot express our feeling of pain and grief as we have no words for such kind of hatred and violence. We always become the subject matter of these things for no reason.

Reaction of Other Celebrities From The Globe

Now around the globe, Asians are raising slogans that we are not viruses. Besides BTS many other celebrities also reacted against racism in many different ways. There is a Basketball star Jeremy Lin is a Taiwanese American. He also raised his voice at the increasing Asian racism. He said that “stop using the words “Kung Flu” and “China virus” to describe coronavirus, on the basis that it was first identified in China.

Also, the former NBA star wrote few lines on the Time News website about this incident. He said that his heart got sank when he first heard about Atlanta shooting. Moreover, the world is becoming darker and darker and frightening than ever before.

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What Happened At The Atlanta Shooting?

The massacre began at about 5 pm on March 16. The first four people got killed at Young’s Asian Massage. Two of them were Asian American women. A half-hour later around 5:30 pm for more women belonging to Asian descent were made dead in a beauty salon. This shooting happened in a nearby Aroma Therapy Spa in the state capital.

According to police, Robert Aaron Long is accused of this charge. He is a 21-year-old white man belonging to the US. Previously, he also had multiple charges of murder and investigators depicted that sex addiction led him to this violence.

Till now police have not ruled out this possibility that the white man had any empty Asian sentiments. But the people present at that incident place considered this motivation to be a part of anti-Asian sentiments.

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Now, the actions by the hundreds of demonstrators have risen enormously. They are demanding serious actions by the state capital to stop the rising of such hateful crimes.

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