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Cool Math Games is an online web portal that provides interesting and fun-loving games to children and young adults. The site offers non-violent and educational games. It is partnered with and

Its reputation is huge in terms that Popular Mechanics considered COOL MATH GAMES to be one of the “50 most important” web portals since the internet was created.

Does Cool Math Games Intend For Only Educational Purpose?

Cool Math Games was designed in such a way that it attracts kids and wanting them to come back again and again on this website. Thus, we can say, it may be created for the only monetization or money-making purposes, rather than strictly publishing curriculum included games intended for education purpose.

Moreover, it has dozens of ads across the page and millions of users per month, which means the money-making goal has decently accomplished. But it doesn’t mean that the website is *not good* for students.

In fact, researchers say video games like those provided by cool math games have a constructive effect on the minds of children. Also, such games can increase critical thinking. But the lack of curriculum focus is what makes it a bit controversial.

How to Use Cool Math Games?

You are going to see 10 navigation sections on this website. Each section has different sets of games and is qualified for a unique understanding level of players especially children. It includes:

  1. Strategy
  2. Skill
  3. Numbers
  4. Logic
  5. Trivia
  6. More
  7. Playlist
  8. Random
  9. Unlocked
  10. All Games A-Z

1: Strategy

The first navigation section focuses on student’s logic and problem-solving skills.

For example, the most popular game here in this section of navigation is the DIGGY game, as the name suggests, this game is based on digging to reach the center of the earth.

In this, Diggy is a character who uses energy to dig the earth, when he suffers from lack of energy, here comes the up-gradation mode. Use the money you have got to buy DIGGY’s equipment. The sweaty task is to be strictly strategic about what to buy, which means DIGGY’s equipment, which ensures how you reach the center of the earth.

Pretty interesting right? but there is not only one game in this section, but dozens of other games you can play and win by developing particular strategic skills.

2: Skill

Now, one level there comes a skill section. It is quite similar to the previous one but more interesting. Because here you need more gaming skills and less critical thinking power.

Therefore, this section is totally a waste of time. If you come to learn some maths from this website by playing games, do not look for this section. My suggestion!

For example, the games SNAKE and RUN fall under this category. To be really honest here, both of these games require ZERO critical thinking power and mathematical skills. Thus, it is only for fun games and that’s it.

3: Numbers

I believe, this is the only navigation section which touches the mathematical learning skills.

For Example, games like CRAZY TAXI M-12 and 2048 requires quite strong critical thinking skills.

4: Logic

This section should be under the strategic category. In fact, I couldn’t understand why they put up this section separately. Because all the games are almost the same as we have explained to you above in the Strategic navigation section. As it focuses on logic and problem-solving skills only.

For example, The most popular game fall under this category is “BLOXORZ

5: Trivia

This section is not an old one, but it has recently been added. Some of the content is educational, no doubt, but some is totally useless and a waste of time for children and young students.

For example, the game “Where’s That City?”  is based to provide some knowledge regarding geography. Like where’s the city in the U.S. or other countries etc. You got an idea, right? But  “Who’s Googled the Most,”  is typically a stupid game, based on Beyoncé googles more things or Jay-Z.

6: More

This section is further split up into 6 different navigation categories. It includes

Classic Cool Math Games Category: 

Classic typically easy games are included in this category.

EXAMPLE., Dominoes, Tic-tac-toe, chess, etc.

Puzzles Cool Math Games Category: 

Jigsaw puzzles with difficult levels up added here. It is much like the online version of the Jigsaw puzzle, nothing special here.

Memory Cool Math Games Category: 

Games related to memory testing are added here.

EXAMPLE., include  “Sketch 2

Geography Cool Math Games Category:

Here the games are only related to geography. Like finding the place in different countries etc.

Science Cool Math Games Category:

Basic science games are included in this category.

EXAMPLE., BOND BREAKER, as the name suggests it is related to chemistry.

HTML 5 Games Category:

By reading this category title, you probably thought that it is related to some programming or coding skills. But that’s not the case, simple games not related to math’s skills, built by using HTML 5 are added here.

7: Playlist

It includes variety of game depending on their various types.

EXAMPLE., Playlist of ball games includes games related to only balls and the Playlist of Ninja Games related to games of Ninjas.

8: Random

By landing on this tab, you would be able to play all the above-mentioned games shuffled up. It also includes Cool Games Top Picks, based on the most played interesting games.

9: Unblock

As obviously the name suggests, this section includes different games that are placed depending on their levels of difficulty. And you need to unblock the levels by becoming a cool games subscriber. There is a free trial for 7 days and then you need to pay 5$ a month, by upgrading to the premium subscriber.

10: All Games A-Z

This section includes all the games that are mentioned above and many different ones. All you need is to go on its search bar and type your favorite game or maybe just alphabets and the list would pop up on your screen. That would show you games start from that alphabet.


Educational Games are only present in the Numbers section. The skill tab is totally a waste of time. Strategic and Logic tabs are related to analytical thinking. While in the rest of the categories, you will see many misses and hits.

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