Cyclone Tauktae All You Need To Know About It


Southeast Arabian Sea has the possibility of the development of a cyclonic storm named “Cyclone Tauktae” in the coming days. Although it is developing more closely to Gujarat, India, still it can affect nearby countries.

The Indian MET department has predicted that their western coast will be the most affected side. Also, there are many low-lying areas that are at high risk of this cyclone tauktae such as Lakshadweep.

Who named Cyclone Taukate?

If the cyclone is really going to be formed, then it must be given a name to call. Usually, 13 countries in the IMD group name the coming cyclones at different times. It includes India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Iran, Maldives, Myanmar, Qatar, UAE, and Yemen.

This time Myanmar named this possible cyclone as cyclone taukate (gecko) which means lizard. The reason why it’s called a lizard cyclone as it is developing slowly and could attack its target anytime leaving massive drastic effects.

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Origin and Path of Cyclone Tauktae

This cyclone actually starting to build on 14th May at the southeast Arabian sea due to the low pressure over that area. It could move north and northwest side, affecting low-lying areas, and then it would intensify to its severe cyclonic forms over the east-central Arabian Sea.

It can also change its path and it may hit the Kutch region and Southern Pakistan areas like Karachi, Hyderabad. By this time, it is really expecting that this cyclone would hit coastal Gujarat India, on May 17 or 18. In India, the red alert cities cited by the MET department are

  • Lakshadweep,
  • Kerala,
  • Karnataka
  • The whole Maharashtra state,
  • Gujarat.

The effects of this cyclonic storm would begin from May 15 to May 18 in India. But in Pakistan, 16 and 17 May are super sunny days while 18th to 20th May heavy rain showers are expected.

Effects of Cyclonic Storm on India

This cyclone tauktae will produce severe or drastic flood-like effects on many areas. It could wipe away cities in a matter of minutes. It is also likely to cause heavy rainfall, thunderstorms, and gusty winds. That’s why many hundreds of people have been shifted to safe relief camps from the kutch region.

The seawater has started to hit some of the regions of India like the coastal towns of Alapura, Kolam Thiruvananthapuram districts. Many houses and buildings nearby coastlines have been damaged. The walls have been broken due to the rising water in the rough sea.

Effect of Cyclone Tauktae On Pakistan

Although is cyclone is 1460km away from Pakistan, but heavy rainfalls could be starting from 18th to 20th May. It would cover areas like Thatta, Badin, Mirpur Khas, Umerkot and Sanghar districts, Karachi, Hyderabad, Jamshoro, Sukkur, Larkana, Shikarpur, Jacobabad, and Dadu.

Till now, the level of sustained winds reaching targetted areas is 70 to 90kmph. But if it intensifies, it can reach above 130 Kmph. thus, the next 2 to 3 days are highly critical. PMD says that Pakistan’s coastal areas are not likely to affect by the upcoming cyclone tauktae.

According to the current environmental conditions, CM Sindh advised Administrator Karachi to remove billboards from the city. He also ordered to make an emergency team plan. He says if the cyclone hits Indian Gujarat, then our Thar area would be affected by thunderstorms.

Also, if the cyclone crosses Gujarat, then our Thatta, Badin, Sanghar, Thar ParKar, Mirpur Khas would have to save raindusts and squally weather. Further, CM asked to clear the choking points of nullahs of Karachi.


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