Cyclone Tauktae Hit Gujarat & Now Weakened


Dangerous Cyclone Tauktae just hit Indian Gujarat last night. The storm has now shifted from category 3 to category 4. According to the Indian MET department, the storm causes heavy rainfall and winds with a speed of 130 to 150kmph.

Moreover, hundreds of people have been shifted to shelter homes and other safe places in Gujarat and Mumbai. Continuous landfall has caused massive destruction in many parts of the country.

Areas nearby Indian’s coastlines are under the terror of the Covid pandemic. And now, this cyclone is creating a wrecking situation there. Reports from Tuesday are showing that the lives of commoners and fishermen are at stake due to the storm.

Cyclone Caused Mass Shifting

Local authorities are also stating that they had shifted almost 1.5 lac people to shelter homes. But people like fishermen do not want to go there as the Govt. is not providing proper facilitation. So, they are not leaving their coastline areas, homes, and workplaces.

The Met department has also declared that the cyclone has taken its most severe form. Due to this, Gujarat state has to suffer heavy showers and cloud bursting till 20th May.

Cyclone Tauktae All You Need To Know About It

Reports Recording Increasing Death Rate From Storm

India which was already dealing with the dreadful coronavirus now had to suffer from the cyclone taukate too. Today, the winds reach up to 210kmph in Gujarat. It is causing serious landfall. This storm has killed almost 16 people till today’s updates across Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Karnataka. Especially from the Maharashtra state 8383 people evacuated to safer lands. But the amount of damage is still not documented completely.

Now the airports are closed all over the state. More than 200,000 people have been evacuated from the coastlines. The vaccination procedure is now temporarily suspended.

Cyclone is weakened : Worst Is Over

This biggest cyclone hit Indian western coast made landfall in Gujarat (in Saurashtra between Diu and Una) at around 8:30pm on Monday. And it ended at around 12 in the night. Last night, the wind speed was recorded from 155 to 165 and the peak point was 190kmph.

After all the landfall, the Met department downgraded it from extremely severe to very severe. They said the rear sector of the eye of the storm is entering the land now. 18th May morning reports from the IMD department say that the cyclone will continue to move north-eastwards.

The Junagarh district and Gujarat coastal lines have to face demolition like uprooting trees (400), electricity poles, and road blockade. Furthermore, the district administration said that 9 houses have been demolished in this storm and over 5000 houses are partially damaged. Now there is a power cut in Versova, Thane, and Kalyan.

Experts are saying that the worst is over and now the conditions will be stable in few upcoming days. But heavy rainfall will continue to pour in these areas for up to 2 to 3 days expected.

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