How To Screenshot On MAC

How To Screenshot On MAC in Different ways?


You think it’s a difficult task to take a screenshot on Mac. But it’s really not that difficult. Today you have searched for How to screenshot on Mac. But hopefully, by the end of this article, you can easily master some Keyboard shortcuts to capture your screen in MAC OS X.

Simple Method to keep in mind for how to Screenshot on MAC Every time:-

The most important technique to take a screenshot on your Mac is simply remembering that for every screenshot you need SHIFT, COMMAND And NUMBER KEYS. (All at the same time)
For instance,

  • To take a screenshot of entire screen: You Need to Press SHIFT + COMMAND + 3
  • To take a screenshot of certain portion or part of screen: You need to press SHIFT + COMMAND + 4
  • If you want to take a screenshot of entire screen and a part of screen at the same time: You need to Press SHIFT + COMMAND + 5.

What it does is that it will take you to the shortcut menu, which helps you to do both things. Either capture the entire screen or only a specified part, also record videos and edit your screenshot options. This option is further elaborated down below:

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Shortcut Menu Options to know How to Screenshot on MAC:-

First, it was not a part of MAC OS Mojave until finally, it introduced in 2018. So if your MacBook is older than 2 years or you bought it before 2018. Unfortunately, you are unable to use this option.

When you press SHIFT + COMMAND + 5 at the same time, you will see a small tab or bar that would appear at the bottom section of your screen.
This bar includes the 3 SCREENSHOT OPTIONS at the left

  • 1st is for taking screenshot of entire screen,
  • 2nd is for taking screenshot of a specific window,
  • 3rd is for taking screenshot of highlighted section.

Video options in the middle and Taking your screenshot or video of entire or highlighted section on the right.

If you want to capture your touchbar, You need to Press: SHIFT + COMMAND + 6

Tip:- If you want to let your screenshot copy to clipboard, then you need to press CONTROL KEY while you are pressing the other 3 keys at the same time. This will help in copying down the screenshot to clipboard only and it will not save in your storage. You can paste this is POWERPOINT, WORD, or PHOTOSHOP.

Changing Shortcut Keys on Your Own:

If you don’t want to use this system of automated keyboard shortcuts for taking screenshots or recording in-screen videos, you can simply customize it in the keyboard preferences by using the shortcut panes option.

For going into keyboard preferences, you need to choose the following. Follow in sequence:

  • Apple Menu on bottom left of your screen
  • Choose System preferences
  • Select Keyboard
  • Lastly, click the shortcut pane and there you go.

Screenshot On MAC saved with which names or file formats in storage?

Your screenshots would be saved as a PNG file format in your MAC storage behind. The file names would be shown as Picture 1, Picture 2, Picture 3, and so on.


When you take the screenshot of your desired part or of full screen, you will see the small floating thumbnail of image being screen-shorted at the bottom right corner of your screen.
This small image at the bottom right usually disappears after few seconds and it will actually not save in your MACBOOK. If you click on this tiny image, it will open in new tab, and you can simply crop it, delete it, share it etc.

Capturing and Copying the Screen:

Remember as discussed above, capturing and copying are two different things. If you want to copy, you need to press Control with keys explained above.


As soon as you press SHIFT + COMMAND + 3, your system would immediately take a screenshot and save it in storage. If you want to capture your mouse cursor, you need to first enable this setting in shortcut menu.
Also when you take multiple screenshots at the same time, the floating thumbnail would also be captured in your screenshots as it takes few seconds to disappear, so keep in mind this too.


If you don’t want to go into Shortcut menu, you can press SHIFT + COMMAND + 4 to capture certain portion of screen. After this, your mouse cursor would change to a cross hair like box in red color.
Then you can click on the screen and now can drag this box to your desired part or any highlighted portion of your choice.
As soon as you release this, your MAC would immediately take a screenshot of the entire thing included in that red box and saved as a PNG file following the entire sequence of naming as picture 1 or so on.

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