Is Covid-19 radioactive? Biggest Update Being Refuted By Reuters


Reuters which is a highly validated International News Agency, released an article about Russian scientist’s new discovery on April 13th, 2021. Russian scientists provided the autopsy report of a patient died due to severe Covid-19 or coronavirus.

First it’s a very strange thing to do a postmortem of a covid-19 patient as it is strictly prohibited by WHO (World Health Organization). But the point here is that WHO is under the UNO (United Nations Organization) which is an American Intergovernmental organization. So, Russia seems to be unaffected by their decisions and restrictions.

What were the findings of COVID-19 Dead patient postmortem?

Russian scientist found that coronavirus is a radioactive substance. Radioactive substance means even after the pandemic will be over, coronavirus would still affect the upcoming generations. Now this is dangerous thing about its prevalence. In such conditions, the virus would never ever stop. Secondly, they found that this is even not a protein virus rather it’s a bacteria. Thirdly, they found a clot that weakens the blood vessels. If the clotting agent presents in our bloodstream, the blood will be unable to flow. Thus, our organs would deprive of the oxygen-rich blood and the individual will die.

They clearly said that:

Covid-19 is not present as a virus but it’s a germ which is highly radioactive in its nature. And it causes blood to clot in the vessels and ultimately causes death. This is because the clotted blood doesn’t flow. Patient feels difficulty in breathing as brain, heart and lungs couldn’t get appropriate amount of oxygen, leading people to their deathbed.

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Conventional Treatment Method of Covid-19 is Flop

 The scientists even claimed that the treatment been suggested to us by the health ministry is even not good. And it should be stopped immediately. As it causes potential hazards to people’s health. Moreover, they suggested the treatment is to use only Aspirin 100mg only (or any multivitamin tablet) and nothing else. They did this experiment on their 14000 hospitalized patients. Doctors discharged them and send them to their homes. Also, they prescribed them only aspirin, and all those patients recovered in no time. Moreover, they say reagrding the covid-19 findings, the world has been deceived. The patients who were on ventilators or admitted to ICU didn’t really need that protocol.

Reuters even claimed that China already knows about this treatment method and the severity of Covd-19 pandemic.

Recent Refutation of this News by Reuters

Latest update is that Reuters imposed an objection on their published article regarding the findings of Russian Scientist. They provided fact check to all the details and outcomes are as follows. Reuters Accosted Russian Ministry and declared that

Fact check Covid-19 does exist and autopsies in Russia doesn’t show them otherwise. Now their ministry claims that covid is still a virus. It cannot be considered a bacteria. Also, Russia is not a mere country to do postmortem of covid patient. Before it, America, Germany and Italy also did that and provided their findings. However, there is a fact that this virus actually causes blood clotting and it can’t be denied. Reuters also said that there was a similar article regarding Russian scientists findings almost a year back in May 2020. And lastly, aspirin is not a single treatment of covid and it shouldn’t be considered the sole mode of treating Covid-19.

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