Lahore Motorway Incident

Lahore Motorway Incident Police Identify The Culprits


In Lahore Motorway Incident, a mother of two kids was ransacked. And assaulted at gunpoint in Gujjarpura police regions. In the commonplace city, police sources on Wednesday.

The casualty was supposedly going in a vehicle alongside her two youngsters.

Some obscure charged overwhelmed the lady as she emerged from the vehicle. Subsequent to attacking and denying her of resources. The lawbreakers figured out how to getaway.

The police later arrived at the spot and moved the lady to a clinic.

An authority said the police were attempting to distinguish the supposed attackers through CCTV. And introduced in the city as a component of the Safe City venture.

Explanation by Police Officials

A police official said the lady is supposed to be the inhabitant of the Gujranwala area.

The casualty told the police that her vehicle ran out of petrol. And its motor halted all of abrupt on the Ring Road in Gujjarpura.

Notwithstanding, she was told by the administrator. That she was unable to be given assistance at the time of crisis.

While she was stuck out and about, two unidentified people showed up. By walking from the close-by region encompassing the motorway. And constrained the lady and her kids out of the vehicle.

Sliced through the fence around the motorway, and purportedly assaulted her in the fields close by. The supposed attackers likewise grabbed away Rs100,000, gold jewelry, and ATM cards from the casualty before escaping.


A significant advancement was accounted for on Saturday in the motorway assault case. As police found a presumes DNA coordinating with the examples taken from the person in question. Sources unveiled to Geo News.

As per the sources, a speculates DNA test was at that point present in the Forensic Science Agency’s DNA bank. Which coordinated the examples taken from the assault casualty.

Police said that the speculate whose DNA was at that point present in the DNA bank. He has a criminal record and that significant advancement has been put forth in the defense.

As we all know, he has not been captured at this point in Lahore Motorway Incident.

IGP Punjab excuses reports suspect being captured in Lahore Motorway Incident

Examiner General of Police Punjab Inam Ghani had before excused reports. That a suspect in the Lahore motorway Incident case had been captured. Naming them as wrong.

“News on the capture of a suspect on TV channels and web-based media are off base,” said IGP Ghani. Including that he would share any “achievement” for the situation. With the media as he was checking the examination himself.

“Such unsubstantiated news influences the case and is likewise deceptive for general society,” said Punjab’s top cop.

He likewise said that photos of the lady and the suspect of the case being shared via online media were phony.

The cop asked the media not to run reports. Before affirming them and asked individuals to have trust in the police.

“We will before long capture the charged and deal with them,” pledged IGP Ghani.

IG Punjab Inam Ghani said that data was additionally being looked for from the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP). The National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) with respect to the case.

Saying that bogus news ought not to be spread with respect to the case and continuous examinations. Ghani explained that no ring has been found and no suspects have been captured.

Also, the casualty’s ATM card has not been utilized starting at yet.

IG Punjab said that no DNA coordinate has occurred at this point. And that the data would be unveiled if any advancement is made in such a manner.

25 Suspects With Criminal Record Missing

During the examination, it has risen that, 25 suspects with criminal records are absent from Karol and abutting towns.

As indicated by police, an inquiry and clear activity are in progress. And close to the Eastern Bypass. Where the horrendous incident occurred.

Then again, the police have taken DNA tests of 63 individuals age ranged from 20 and 35 years. The Police contact assault casualty for an announcement

Police reached the assault casualty to get her announcement on the issue.

Police Identify Lahore Motorway Incident Gang-Rape Culprits

Ghani uncovered that the primary offender in the assault case. Abid Ali, of Fort Abbas, was likewise associated with a comparable case enrolled in 2013.

Lahore Motorway Incident

He included that the police followed his cell phone calls history. Which drove them to his accessory, Waqarul Hassan. Except for by utilizing logical examination techniques.

And present-day innovation accessible with the police and other law-authorization organizations. The police assembled all the related data with respect to Abid by Friday night.

It was claimed by the Punjab Police that four portable SIM cards had been enrolled from him. And yet every one of them had been shut on various occasions.

More Proofs

Notwithstanding, through versatile call records police, had come to realize another number. That record was utilized during the criminal demonstration of the Incident.

“Through the cell phone area, we have affirmed that the two guilty parties are in a town.

He said that a police party in civilian clothes and private vehicles assaulted the area around 12.

“At the present time, around 28 groups of Punjab police. Special Branch, Counter-Terrorism Department, and different offices are attempting to capture the lawbreakers,” he included.

The police examination was left well enough alone aside from the central clergyman, according to Ghani. The law serves, and the extra boss secretary home.

The IGP uncovered that seven criminal arguments were at that point enrolled against Abid Ali. While just 15 days before him, his assistant Waqar was delivered on bail.

He engaged the residents to share data about their whereabouts on Police Emergency Helpline 15.

Chief Minister Buzdar

Talking on the event, Chief Minister Buzdar reported Rs2.5 million head cash for every one of the two crooks.

He requested that residents help the experts in making their captures. and the name of the witness would be left well enough alone, the central pastor said.

Because administration would before long present the motorway incident. Offenders, under the observation of the official courtroom. The central clergyman said.

“We would attempt to guarantee that they get excellent discipline yet we can’t do anything extrajudicial.”

Addressing an inquiry, the main clergyman said that in the Zainab murder case. The Sahiwal occurrence, and in all different grievous violations, the police had captured the lawbreakers.

And introduced them under the steady gaze of the courtroom.

“Law will follow through to its logical end in the motorway assault case,” he included.

Reacting to an inquiry regarding the unaware articulation of the Lahore police boss. The central pastor said the CCPO’s announcement was truly flippant and insignificant.

The IGP had just given him a show-cause notice.

This is the third prominent case wherein the Punjab police went for DNA testing. And subsequent to neglecting to depend on its examinations limit.

Beforehand, it occurred in the Zainab murder case in Kasur and Chunia sequential slaughtering case after homosexuality.

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