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Peace Pizza’ Vietnamese Restaurant Introduces India-Pakistan


A pizza café in Vietnam has presented another variety called the ‘India-Pakistan’ peace pizza. As indicated by a tweet by columnist Michael Tatarski.

Pizza 4P’s

Pizza 4P’s Cafe, a café in Ho Chi Minh City, has allegedly presented three ‘peace pizzas. And the other two flavors are the China-USA peace pizza and the Israel-Palestine pizza.

India-Pakistan Peace Pizza

These pizzas comprise of garnishes that compare to the nations’ famous cooking styles.

China-USA Peace Pizza

The China-USA pizza is made up of ‘Shanghai Chill Shrimp’ and delicious ‘New York Buffalo Chicken’.

Israel-Palestine Pizza

The Israel-Palestine harmony pizza affiliates ‘Tel Aviv Zaatar Hummus’. With ‘Ramallah Musakhan’ — a Palestinian chicken dish.

In his tweet, Tatarski uncovered that the café said that.

“if these flavors can live respectively on a pizza, most likely we can live respectively in harmony”.

Harmony through pizza

As per Pizza 4P’s site, the café doesn’t simply need to be “an incredible pizza eatery”.

The ‘4P’s’ in its name means ‘For Peace’ and the café’s concept of peace is “to live joyfully. With an inspirational point of view while having a significant serenity and body”.

This pizza has been presented when pressures between the US and China are at an untouched high. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

India and Pakistan have likewise had a long-standing history of contention. In conclusion, from the Partition to different wars and outskirt stalemates. Also, Israel and Palestine have been occupied. And having the struggle over the last’s extension of regions in the West Bank and Gaza.

Nonetheless, online media clients were not exactly intrigued by the idea of these pizzas’. Many people on social sites like on Twitter are posting negative reviews about the pizza although presented by a Vietnamese restaurant.

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