PS5 Digital Edition vs Xbox Series S

PS5 Digital Edition vs Xbox Series S | Which Is Affordable For You?


The PS5 Digital Edition vs Xbox Series S can save hundreds of your dollars. If you can identify the difference between them.

The PS5 Digital Edition and the Xbox Series S both pose a strange review

What if a next-generation gadget didn’t need to cost an excessive amount of cash? While the full-highlighted PS5 and Xbox Series X will cost $500 each. The two companies have likewise offered a less expensive other option.

For Sony, there’s the PS5 Digital Edition. A $400 console that has no disc drive but except for this, it is generally alike to the PS5. For Microsoft, there’s the Xbox Series S. A $300 all-computerized support that is upgraded for quad HD yield as opposed to UHD.

While the PS5 Digital Edition and Xbox Series S don’t report the very same requirements. The two of them speak to a similar thought: a less expensive choice to full-valued next-gen consoles.

As such these both consoles are worth comparing for because a). It’s not a logical examination, and b). We won’t know without a doubt how the two consoles line up. Until we get the chance to attempt them for ourselves.

Although it is not an apple – to – apple comparison.

PS5 Digital Edition vs Xbox Series S: What’s the difference?

The Xbox Series S is a smaller Xbox Series X without a disc drive in it. It’s a more reasonable console with less incredible specs that actually convey the next-generation experience. That you’ve generally expected with a grin following.

A strong state drive (SSD), and a focusing 120FPS. The PS5 Digital Edition is precisely the same as the PS5, just without a disc drive.

Along these lines, the PS5 Digital Edition is hysterically more remarkable than the Xbox Series S on paper. That probably won’t mean you ought to get it over Microsoft’s framework, anyways.

By keeping this in mind, let’s see how the PS5 Digital Edition and Xbox Series S line up. In terms of prices, specs, game selection, and many more.

PS5 Digital Edition vs Xbox Series S: Specs

If we want to discuss which console is more powerful and reasonable. So then we should have to check its specifications first. Although after knowing the specification of both, PS% Digital Edition is found to be more powerful than Xbox Series. So, let’s check them out.

 Xbox Series SPS5 Digital Edition
GPU4 TFLOPS, 20 CUs @ 1.55 GHz Custom RDNA 2 GPU10.28 TFLOPS, 36 CUs @ 2.23 GHz Custom RDNA 2
CPU8x Cores @ 3.6 GHz (3.4 GHz w/ SMT) Custom Zen 2 CPU8x Cores @ 3.5GHz Custom Zen 2
Memory10GB GDDR616GB GDDR6
ResolutionTarget 1440p, 4K upscaledTarget 4K, up to 8K
Frame rateTarget 60FPS, up to 120FPSTarget 60FPS, up to 120FPS
Storage512GB SSD825GB SSD
ControllerXbox Series S controllerDual Sense
Backward compatibilityYesYes
Optical driveNoneNone
SizeUnknown (60% smaller than Xbox Series X)390mm x 92mm x 260mm

After reading the specs if you going to ask that why the Xbox Series S is $100 less expensive than PS5, you can see it’s generally a matter of specs. While the Xbox Series S really has a somewhat more remarkable CPU than the PS5 Digital Edition.


Its GPU, RAM, and capacity are generally more exposed. Therefore, games will run in lower resolution. Furthermore, despite the fact that the maximum edge rate is alike. We can reason that the Xbox Series S will by and large not hit similar casing rates as its Sony rival, especially for new and requesting games. (Edge rate is an element of a framework’s processor, GPU, and RAM.)

PS5 Digital Edition vs Xbox Series S
Image Credit: Microsoft

Neither one of the systems has the ability to play physical media. For example, game discs or Blu-beams. Be that as it may, the two frameworks will have the option to load and render games inexplicably fast because of best in class SSDs, and the two frameworks’ GPUs will uphold beam following for ordinary lighting impacts.

PS5 Digital Edition vs Xbox Series S: Price

The most candid purpose of probing between the PS5 Digital Edition and the Xbox Series S is their costs. The PS5 Digital Edition costs $400; the Xbox Series S costs $300. The Xbox Series S is clearly less expensive. What’s not satisfactory is which framework will at last be the better worth.

As stated over, the Xbox Series S utilizes less amazing equipment than the PS5 Digital Edition. That is not an astonishing or questionable comment. It’s the essential motivation behind why the Xbox Series S costs less price.

It’s a similar cost as a Nintendo Switch, and less expensive than a Xbox One X. If you aren’t also hung-up on best in class illustrations or don’t have a 4K TV by any means. Then the Xbox Series S appears to be a decent worth. Something else, the PS5 Digital Edition likely could merit the extra $100.

One thing to remember while deciding PS5 Digital Edition vs Xbox Series S, despite the fact that it’s somewhat theoretical. For a long time to come, any Xbox Series X game will likewise be accessible on the Xbox Series S. Nevertheless, as the following console age advances and games become additionally requesting, the Xbox Series S will most likely be unable to play totally every Xbox Series X game.

PS5 Digital Edition vs. Xbox Series S: Games

The PS5 Digital Edition will be viable with a ton of PS4 games. Despite the fact that we don’t have a full rundown presently. Late reports put the number around 99% of the PS4 library, so ideally, that is valid.

The Xbox Series S, then again, will be in reverse viable with each and every Xbox One game, in addition to a collection of Xbox 360 and unique Xbox games.

There is one major catch in any case, however: To play in reverse viable games, you’ll have to possess advanced copies.

Since neither the PS5 Digital Edition nor the Xbox Series S has a circle drive, you won’t have the option to mess around your own truly except if you get them again as advanced forms.

Both the standard PS5 and the Xbox Series X do have disc drives, so on the off chance that you have a major physical range, it might merit the exceptional just to hold access to your old games.


As of late, we discovered that PlayStation Plus ($10 every month, or $60 every year) will permit players to download an entire host of PS4 works of art. That will include Bloodborne, God of War, and Until Dawn. Then, Xbox Game Pass ($10 to $15 every month) lets players download more than 100 Xbox titles, including Gears 5, Wasteland 3, and Sunset Overdrive.

The huge distinction between the two stages is that Xbox Game Pass likewise gives players access to new Xbox Series, X/S titles the day they become accessible. The PS Plus Collection is by all accounts solely in reverse looking, in any event for the time being.

As a rule, Xbox Game Pass is by all accounts an enormous aspect of the Xbox Series S’ policy, while Sony presumably expects most PS5 Digital Edition clients to purchase games individually, each in turn. Its merit thinking about whether you’d preferably own a little library of games for good, or lease a huge library inconclusively.

Pros and Cons

Xbox Series SPS5 Digital Edition
Pros+ Xbox All Access is a great deal
+ Affordable price and financing
+ 1440p/120FPS
+ Ray-tracing
+ 512GB solid-state drive
+ Powerful GPU and CPU
+ Capable of 4K gaming, up to 8K
+ 825GB solid-state drive
+ Ray-tracing
Cons– Less powerful GPU
– Less storage
– Probably more expensive
– Specs could be seen as overkill
compared to cheaper competition
– No option to finance with PS Now and PS Plus

Bottom line

For most people, getting the Xbox Series S will be the more brilliant choice. While the PS5 Digital Edition has its specs on its side, the Xbox Series Scan at present conveys cutting edge execution at a moderate cost. At the point when you consider the chance of getting it through Xbox All Access, the choice is an easy decision.

I’d possibly go for the PS5 on the off chance that you need Sony special features like Horizon Forbidden West and Spider-Man: Miles Morales, or in the event that you totally need the best in the class item.

What’s Your choice? Xbox Series S or PS5 Digital Edition. Do let us know while writing your feedback in the comment section below.

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