PUBG Mobile 1.5 Ignition Update and Season 20 or SS1 Super Season 1

PUBG Mobile 1.5 Ignition Update and Season 20 or SS1 Super Season 1


PUBG Mobile is now one of the most popular, trendy, and widely played mobile shooting games in the business. In the next current update, PUBG Mobile will receive a fresh new edition. The next season will be known as PUBG Super Season 1 instead of Season 20. (SS1). A lot of things will change, so read the entire article for all the details.

PUBG Season 19 is nearly halfway finished, and we’re getting close to the launch of PUBG Season 20. (SS1). However, PUBG fans always want to get the leaks for RP and tier rewards before the start of each new season. So, we’ve got some early Season 20 PUBG leaks for you today, including the PUBG Mobile Season 20 royal pass and tier goodies.

PUBG Mobile 1.5 Ignition Released

Season 20 of PUBG Mobile will be released a few days after the 1.5 Ignition update, and according to reports, it will be dubbed Super Season 1. If you’re not sure what Super Season 1 means, the game’s season count will be reset with the next release. PUBG Mobile SS1 will include season-exclusive in-game goodies and cosmetics, such as costumes, weapon skins, emotes, and more, just like past seasons.

New Season Release Date and Time

Every PUBG season lasts about 7-8 weeks until a new one begins with its own set of outstanding features and awards. As we all know, PUBG Mobile Season 19 kicked off on May 13th, 2021, with amazing skins, rewards, and a spectacular Godzilla vs King event.

The PUBGM Season 19 RP event will end on July 12, 2021. You may also lookup the date in the game’s Royal Pass section. Furthermore, it takes an average of 24 hours to complete any season. The new PUBG Mobile Season 20 (Super Season) update will be available in just a few days.

In PUBG Mobile, a new era is about to begin. Instead of releasing PUBG Mobile Season 20, the new PUBG update will release Super Season 1 (SS1) instead of Season 20. From now on, new seasons will be designated by the letters SS1, SS2, SS3, and so on.

After the current season finishes, the RP section will be sealed, and players will not be able to access it to level up. It will not be available on Google Play Store or Apple App Store, unlike the PUBG Mobile 1.5 update; instead, it will be downloaded immediately at the game’s loading screen.

The Concept of M1 and M2 in New Season

We will not receive a single 100 RP in PUBG Super Season 1. However, the Royal Pass is now divided into two parts: M1 (month 1) and M2 (month 2). You must purchase the RP for the first month for only 360 UC, and you must complete it from 1 to 50 levels within this month. After that, gamers will have to pay 360 UC for RP for the second month. However, the good news is that you will receive 360 UC from RP awards at levels 1-50. So, with this UC, you may purchase the month 2 Royal Pass and then complete the remaining 50 RP.

After the conclusion of PUBG Season 19, the new PUBG Mobile Super Season 1 (SS1) is planned to premiere on July 13 with brand new exciting features.

PUBG Mobile SS1 Rewards and Leaks

The beautiful skins and outfits that PUBG Mobile offers its players are one of the key reasons for its popularity and why everyone loves this game. Every season, the producers ensure that the game’s interest is maintained by providing outstanding RP awards. So, here are some of the Season 20 (SS1) leaks for PUBG Mobile.

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While Krafton is yet to reveal the next content in PUBG Mobile Season 20, here is a list of the rewards that have been leaked from the 1.5 beta version:

Scar-L – Tidal Wargod

UZI – Marine Marauder

M24 – Marine Marauder

The Set of Tidal Wargods.

Set of Night Stalker.

The Set of Marine Predators.

Set of Wavebreakers

Emote for the Marine Marauder.

The Upcoming Upgradable Skins

The upcoming season of PUBG will also include upgradeable skins for the firearms. You’ll see skins for the AKM, M24, UMP45, and DP-28 that you can get and level up to the maximum. There have been no official disclosures of how these gun skins would appear.


So that’s it for today from our end. Hopefully, you enjoyed this article and now know more about the PUBG Season 20 rewards and leaks. As just a few days are left in the new season. You will be going to enjoy all the amazing rewards and incentives soon.

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