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PUBG New Map | Erangel 2.0 Latest Update


As we all know that PUBG Mobile has proclaimed the date of new Erangel Map pronounced as version Two Zero. They introduced new landscapes, a bit of bug solutions, Period 15 & much more that will report in a week time.

The broadcast was unconfined exclusively on the Apple Application Hoard. And it also gives troupes a momentary appearance at what they can expect in the new scheme of Erangel. According to resources the new design of Erangel will account on the implementation of One Zero update of the map, that is reserved to be reachable from forthcoming week.

By way of everyone knows that Period 14 of PUBG Mobile is adjacent to end it is time to look ahead to Season 15!

And season 15 is coming with lots of new structures and bug solutions. Thus, what different can we assume through the new feature update?

What will be the Version 2.0 launch date?

The new update date is not that much distant now. It will be accessible from 7of September, 2020. And moreover, it will be bendy of 2 GB. Thus, it’s better to settle some space from your phone to download it.

A Short Glimpse of Erangel 2.0.

When we get the update of observing at the new plot it gives the impression like an eagerly supposed and most riveted map of the Erangel!

Here we want you to prompt the new map of Livik that has been freshly updated by the game known as PUBG. But so far Erangel Two Zero is the most estimated plot till now. It was also observed that there are around fancies to the houses and ranges like the most beautiful place Mylta Power, the camping place Quarry, and loot full space, Prison. Players will also see some cribs, some wild boilers, a bit of hedges, and more scattered across to the map.

The new version of Erangel appears to make the most of these new add-ons. New smolder, an ignition and a portion effects add more realist look that is reported by resources. The creators also note that “every structure and patch of grass sports more realistic hints, charisma mockups benefit from the new skin covering and some of new moving picture, and the game’s many watercourses brio. All thanks to a overhauled ecological illumination system.”

Is there any new armament?

Well, A new M1014 armament is also incoming in the new map together with some balancing variations and virus solutions. This new handgun is a Semi-Automatic Scattergun. It works pretty like the legendary scattergun named DBS. With a double muzzle. This armament allows the players to shoot double shots at once. Like another scatter-gun, the new gun M1014 will also custom 12 Gauge Bullets that will be easy to find on the new map.

Cheers Park and new bug fixes!

Cheer Park has been overhauled with clashes and more. Furthermore, the Livik map, which is 15 minutes long matched map, is also getting a few enrichments. Whereas the updates coming to legendary game, PUBG Mobile are slight, Erangel Two Zero is a giant update since its previous restoration last year.

A big news!

Apart from the new update, PUBG Mobile is also achieving a new 90 fps technique. As we all are aware of the fact that the PUBG was previously only was played at 60 fps approach. This will be a massive gain for troupes with phones with high invigorate proportion presentations. Tencent Games is adding funding for 90 fps in the US and other countries too, but there is a no-win state is shown yet.

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