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Saudi Arabia Welcomes Pilgrims After Six Months with Strict SOP’s


As Covid cases in the Kingdom began to decrease. Saudi Arabia on Sunday invited several Umrah travelers into Makkah. After very nearly six months of conclusion because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Saudi Arabia: Jeddah

After over a half year, except for Hajj. Makkah’s Grand Mosque has made its ways for the primary gathering of explorers. Though to performing Umrah in an invite indication of a fresh start.

More than 1.8 billion Muslims worldwide will cheer. As the primary fortunate Umrah travelers enter the mosque at 6 a.m. In conclusion, On Sunday in the wake of applying through the Ministry of Hajj. And Umrah’s Eatmarna application.

Saudi Arabia took intense measures to battle the pandemic. And therefore, suspended the Umrah journey and petitions in mosques in mid-March.

The Kingdom likewise stopped global flights. And actualized a lock-down to forestall infection cases arriving at phenomenal levels.

To oblige an amount of 6,000 pioneers for each day. The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has arranged five gathering focuses. Including the Al-Gaza, Ajyad, and Al-Shasha destinations, although where travelers will meet. And join well-being experts on transports to the Grand Mosque.

To invite the primary appearances, warm cameras will be set at the doorways. And moreover, inside corridors of the Grand Mosque to screen internal heat level spikes and issue cautions if important.

The arrangement was forced toward the beginning of the pandemic to guarantee guest security. And permit a fast reaction to potential infection cases.

Saudi Arabia: General Arrangements

In participation with different specialists, has finished arrangements.

To get the travelers with exacting preparatory and preventive measures. Saudi authority prepared the around 1,000 representatives to screen the ceremonies of Umrah in the Grand Mosque.

The workers will clean the mosque 10 times each day between each gathering’s quality. Further cleaning of high-traffic territories will likewise be led.

Including wellsprings, floor coverings and restrooms. Lifts prompting the highest levels have additionally been outfitted with cleaning gadgets. While hand-washing gadgets have been set at the mosque’s doors.

Authority ordered to apply the cooling frameworks with bright sterilizing innovation on equipments. While groups will keep up an air channel cleaning plan nine times each day in three unique stages.

The administration has dispatched a few activities, including “Kammamat” (face covers), to guarantee pilgrims well-being.

With a limit with respect to 2.5 million pioneers. The circulation zone (Mataf) around the Kaaba was picked for Umrah travelers to perform ceremonies. Assigned pathways, like the Hajj journey in August, have been presented for straightforward entry.

The leader of the General Presidency of the Affairs of the Two Holy Mosques. Sheik Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Sudais, mentioned to the illustrious commendation of King Salman. Which permitted pioneers to perform Umrah in the Grand Mosque. And visit the Rawdah in the Prophet’s Mosque while agreeing to preventive measures.

Al-Sudais said, the memorable endorsement mirrors the Saudi administration’s insight. To guarantee the well-being of the blessed mosque’s guests. And comes because of Muslims’ craving to perform Umrah.

Plans of exacting SOP’s

On October 2, Saudi Arabia had reported resuming the Muslim heavenly places. For the all year Umrah journey on Sunday, downsized and with broad well-being. That will be safeguards, seven months after Covid incited its suspension.

The Umrah, the journey that can be attempted whenever, usually attracts Muslims from over the globe every year.

There will be three phases of Umrah journey. Although with the underlying stage seeing only 6,000 residents. And occupants as of now inside the realm permitted to assist every day.

Saudi Arabia had given new rules for travelers from Pakistan and different nations. During the Covid pandemic in the wake of declaring plans for steadily lifting travel limitations.

Saudi Arabia: GACA

The General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) expressed in its round sent to carriers. That travelers (non-Saudis) will present their negative PCR test reports from a checked research facility abroad.

The authority will accept the test report done. No later than 72 hours before the planned takeoff. To any of the air terminals in the realm.

It likewise said that the condition for PCR test is restricted to non-Saudis. Just who are beyond eight years old years.

The authority implies the rules which incorporates that ‘various guidelines of the takeoff nation must be thought of. And seen in deciding the proper age to direct Covid-19 (PCR) test for youngsters.’

The avionics authority had before guided all unfamiliar carriers, although including Pakistan. To carefully execute the anticipation measures during trips to Saudi Arabia.

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