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Science and Technology Basics & New Discoveries


Science and technology are the two most versatile and broader inter-linked disciplines worked through ages. But we can describe them in simple ways as;

Science is the use of observations and experimentations for the collection of data, regarding structural and behavioral changes of the cosmos and mother nature.

On the other hand, Technology is a bit different in terms that its the application of science to create new devices where some problem solving and task related actions required.”

Relationship Between Science and Technology

Science and technology do not function independently as different emerging fields. But they both relying on each other for their advancements and discoveries.

They both work hand in hand. As science uses technology to grow stronger by making new discoveries, likewise technology uses science for its problem solving methods which are a part of science. But they both are different at some points of their goals.

Science works by the increment of knowledge by collecting new data to study structural and behavioral changes of branches and sub-branches. But Technology is the formulation of new theories and solutions for existing practical problems.

Role of Science and Technology

Science and Technology disciplines, are no doubt, playing a very effective role for

  • Social progress
  • Economic progress
  • Medical abilities progress
    • For example, oral rehydration therapy has become a part of health sector in order to control diarrheal diseases.
    • To reduce the child mortality rate, it is recommended to give at least 2 cents worth of Vitamin A, every 6 months. It could cause a decline in death rate to almost 1-3rd of the present condition.
    • Moreover, the foreign currency of North America, depends largely on the tourist industry. The country was able to manage the scientific based natural resources very carefully. Thus, has increased its tourist industry to 3 folds, which has produced enough foreign currency for the country.

Examples of (S & T)

Now here we are gonna discuss about the general examples of Microscope and Telescope, which are the masterpieces of science. But that advancement is actually brought up of technology. Similarly, new technologies are the creation of scientific data and information.

Hubble Telescope

Hubble Telescope is the especial example of technology. It was first invented in 1600 by a Dutch scientist Hans Lippershey. Lippershey designed his first telescope by the use of scientific study of the Laws of Light and understanding properties of lenses.

Certainly, the specialty about this telescope was that it orbits Earth like a satellite. This satellite was actually a basis for many scientific discoveries. It was such a powerful device that it could make clear images with no such background lights on Earth, compared to the dim lights of the distant stars.

Consequently, It all began with the concept of technology that ultimately build the history of science. Because soon after Lippershey’s designed were published, they immediately got tremendous amount of recognition and importance by Dutch Government. And the Govt. awarded him with handsome amount of money in 1608. They gave him an award for his work, to invent a device to view distant objects.

But this didn’t end at his designs. In no time, an Italian scientist and Galileo started working on making a Telescope using Lippershey’s ideas. Galileo made and used his telescope to look at the moon, to explore the night sky. Therefore, using his own telescope, based on Lippershey’s ideas and designs, he started to make some remarkable discoveries like spots on the sun and valleys on the moon.

In addition, Galileo also cleared this concept of some scientist that Earth is not in the center, but the Sun is at the center of solar system. So, the technology of telescope actually laid the foundation of Modern Western science.


Meanwhile Working on the telescope, Galileo also invented one more device to deeply understand the properties of smallest objects. Again this invention was dependent on the Laws of Light and properties of Lenses, which is totally a scientific knowledge. So here we can conclude that there are tons of examples of devices that show how science and technology work together.

10 Latest Scientific Discoveries of 2020:

1. SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 Research

2. Artificial Intelligence Spots Breast, Prostate Cancer Near Perfectly

3. CRISPR-Cas9 Used for the First Time Within Human Body

4. Australia and California Burn in Unprecedented Wildfires

5.Also Successful Immunotherapy for Canine Bone Cancer Advances to Human Brain Cancer Trial

6. The Age of Commercial Spaceflight Begins

7. CERN Detects New Type of Particle Never Before Seen

8. Archeologists Push Back Colonization of Americas by 15,000 Years

9. Microplastic Pollution Worsens, Recorded in Antarctic Sea Ice for the First Time

10. Despite an Amazing Discovery, the Great Barrier Reef is in Immense Danger

10 Technological Breakthroughs of 2020

Now, here comes the annual list of technological advances of 2020:

  1. Un-hackable internet
  2. Hyper-personalized medicine
  3. Digital money
  4. Anti-aging drugs
  5. AI-discovered molecules
  6. Satellite mega-constellations
  7. Quantum supremacy
  8. Tiny AI
  9. Differential privacy
  10. Climate change attribution

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