Snake Game: Nokia Brings Back it’s Ideal Game on FB by Using AR


The home of Nokia telephones that is known as HMD Global, brings the exemplary and ideal snake game back. And this is happening by fully informed regarding augmented reality (AR). Snake Mask and Snake Real World channels carry the famous game to another age of fans.

The addictive reason of the game parts will remain the same as before. Yet with a pleasant AR turn, fans would now be able to be the apple chomping Snakes. Snake Mask uses new Facebook AR innovation to carry Snake to the broadest crowd imaginable.

Snake game will be available for all phones

Beforehand, the Snake game was elite to Nokia phones only. However, with the help of Facebook’s AR, the game can be played all around the world anyplace on any Android or iOS stage.

In the Snake Mask game, players can change themselves into the snake character. It can be happening by utilizing the forward-looking camera of any Android or iOS cell phone. It additionally reacts to the player’s face movement.

Moreover, with Facebook Live coordination, clients can communicate their interactivity live to the Facebook news source. And keeping in mind that telecom, client’s Facebook companions can join a similar game as well.

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The Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President of HMD Global, Pekka Rantala stated in an interview. “The world-renowned game wound its way once again into individuals’ souls at MWC in 2017 when we declared Snake game for Facebook Messenger.”

He further added that, “Presently we dispatch a significantly more vivid experience to fans. By permitting them to be simply the snake and eat the apples with channels accessible on Facebook camera. Here at HMD Global we are carrying the much-adored gaming symbol to another AR period.”

It Will be A Complete Online Game.

Nokia Mobiles expressed that the new Snake Mask game is intended for another social age. Moreover, clients can likewise welcome companions to play and share scores.

The camera impact can be made utilizing a Facebook camera which is open from any cell phone’s forward-looking camera. Nokia additionally began a mission via online media utilizing the hashtag #imasnake2.

Well, do you ever realize? A Snake at the zoo? Snake at the seashore? Snake… on a plane? Woah!

Presently it’s all conceivable when Snake is on Facebook camera too. Besides, with Facebook Live coordination, it’s clear to communicate interactivity live to the Facebook news channel, permitting companions to join the activity.

The all-new Snake Mask utilizes the forward-looking camera of Nokia cell phones running Android™ to permit players to transform themselves into the notable Snake character. And responding to the movement of the player’s face. Snake Real World initiates the back-confronting camera.

To commend the arrival of the refreshed Nokia exemplary game,. A jokester and YouTuber Matt Keck, the man behind the unintentionally amusing viral sensation “I’m a Snake”. Which got 23 million hits on YouTube. He tried out Snake on a Facebook camera. Matt has reproduced his own viral hit. This time utilizing the Snake Mask channel to flaunt the splendid new highlights.

The Instructions for Those Who Don’t Know How to play Snake Game.

First you need to open the Facebook application

Then, Snap the camera Icon upper left to open Facebook Camera

There, you witness the Snake Mask

Now just start to play, Enjoy!

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