Subway Surfers Skate Boards Rolling into International Stores now news walay

Subway Surfers Skate Boards Rolling into International Stores now


The hit children’s mobile gaming IP Subway Surfers is bringing a slew of wheeled toys to the European market. Including scooters, hoverboards, skateboards, helmets, and protective gear. All thanks to a new relationship with Sakar International,

SYBO Games’ Subway Surf consumer and lifestyle brand will grow on its US and Canadian success. As Sakar Worldwide prepares to bring its collection to the international market. Although, Thanks to a global license arrangement arranged by Retail Monster’s US and UK teams.

Moreover, the developers had released their first product in Walmarts shops that were based on successful gaming. Across the North American market in 2020.

Subway Surfer’s Developers Remarks

Although, Bobby Stewart, Sakar’s head of sales, remarked. “Subway Surfers DNA fits so wonderfully with this category”. “We are prepared to deliver wheeled goods to fans. And retailers all around the world, given the brand’s innate global appeal.”

Subway Surfers Skate Boards Rolling into International Stores now news walay
License Global

Although, “We are happy to expand on the success to date and debut the Sakar collection across Europe,”. Said Gemma Witts, managing director of Retail Monster.

However, Subway Surfers continues to top the charts and gain international notoriety. With over three billion downloads in its nearly nine-year lifespan. Moreover, SYBO Games is up for two prominent awards right now: Pocket Gamer Mobile Games. ‘Best Live Ops” and Licensing International’s Best Brand – Digital.

“We knew from the start that Sakar’s wheel-good line matched the SubSurf lifestyle to a T. And know its retail success will follow suit across new territories.” Said Naz Amarchi-Cuevas, SYBO chief commercial officer. “Like the game, it’s now heading on its World Tour.”

What will Fans going to achieve

Incorporating a true physi-digital component through digital codes found on Sakar’s products. Fans can redeem codes to jump from the physical world back to the mobile game, unlocking rewards and coveted items.

However, Aliana Ltd will distribute the range in Europe, Spartan for MENA, and Hunter Products in Australia and New Zealand.

In collaboration with Sakar International, SYBO Games is expanding its “Subway Surfers” lifestyle brand into new areas. Scooters, hoverboards, skateboards, helmets, and other gear will be available throughout Europe this fall as part of the agreement.

The global contract, which was brokered by licensing firm Retail Monster. Expands on a North American partnership with Sakar. Which saw the SubSurf consumer and lifestyle brand enter Walmart late last year.

The goods incorporate a physi-digital component, staying loyal to the core franchise’s DNA. Fans may use codes to return to the actual world and gain rewards and things in the mobile game. Although the range will be distributed by Aliana in Europe. Spartan in the Middle East and North Africa, and Hunter Products in Australia and New Zealand.

Bobby Stewart, Sakar’s head of sales, adds, “The DNA of ‘Subway Surfers’ fits so nicely with this category”. “We are prepared to deliver wheeled goods to fans. And retailers all around the world, given the brand’s innate global appeal.”

Moreover, “We are ecstatic to build on our current success. And bring the Sakar collection to Europe,”. Says Retail Monster managing director Gemma Witts.

On the other side, Subway surfers are celebrating their pride month. And stops in Chang’an for the Subway Surfers World Tour.

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Subway Surfers Pride Month Celebration

This Pride Month, Subway Surfers, SYBO’s immensely popular infinite runner, is celebrating diversity. The game is asking everyone to join in on the inclusive fun. When the Subway Surfers World Tour stops in Chang’an.

The Subway Surfers World Tour welcomes players of all shapes and sizes. As you rush and dodge your way through Chang’an’s beautiful mountains. Regardless of ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation. Fans are encouraged to exhibit their real colors now more than ever because of SYBO Games’. The long-standing tradition of fostering diversity and inclusivity.

SYBO Games has launched an uplifting and ultra-energetic trailer to celebrate what makes players unique. However, As you can see above, in line with the game’s key beliefs on D&I.

“All religions, all beliefs, and all abilities” are welcome, according to the trailer. Especially because players can team up with the new Pridebot to collect tokens for the Season Hunt. They’re also using Pride-themed images and stunning typography to spread empowering messages about keeping true to oneself.

However,“I am extremely proud of the community I belong to,”. “Love always wins,”. “Love who you are,” and “Proud of my roots” are among the uplifting sentiments.

Subway Surfers Giveaways on Live Broadcast

Although the globe tour event will broadcast live on the game’s social media channels. And fans of the beloved franchise can participate in the giveaways. For example, during Facebook’s 9th birthday celebrations last month. A code was released that unlocked the unique free 9th Birthday board.

The players can download Subway Surfer from both the App Store and Google Play. It’s a free-to-play game that allows you to make in-app purchases. You may also keep up with the newest developments by visiting the official website.

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