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Where is Jack Ma? China’s Richest Billionaire Missing


Do you know China’s richest man, Jack Ma is missing? He is not just a businessman but consider a celebrity. He is one of China’s real heroes. But the point here is, where is Jack Ma for the past 2 months. We did a little case study here and here’s what we found the answer to this question.

Nobody exactly knows where is Chinese Tech Tycoon because he has not seen publicly in months. Maybe the information we are going to provide you is a mere coincidence. But if it is really a coincidence, it’s a mysterious one.

Who is Jack Ma?

Jack Ma is the co-founder of China’s Amazon- Alibaba Group Holdings Limited. He is the richest billionaire of China with a net worth of $41 Billion. But not now, because few months before Jack Ma got dethroned by Zhong Shanshan, who is now the number one richest Chinese.

Coincidences Begin Here

You would be amazed to know that all these coincidences are somewhat related to us as well. Because maybe this is not just related to Jack Ma and China.

Last appearance of Jack Ma in Shanghai Business Conference

Jack Ma is one the powerful people of China. He is the face of China for the world. He has not come in front of anyone for past two and half months. What would be the reason for this? Well there is a hint in his last public appearance. 24Th October 2020, in a business conference in SHANGHAI, he (JACK MA) vocally criticized Chinese Banking System. Moreover, he considered Chinese mentality to be outdated. He said;

“We must change the pawnshop mentality of today’s finance and rely on the development of a credit-based system. China’s financial sector basically doesn’t have a system. Its risk is actually a lack of financial system.”

Jack Ma

He clearly explained in that Summit that China needs a modern and healthy financial system.

But China is really risk averse. It stops young entrepreneurs from taking loans for business. Actually this doesn’t seem right in today’s era. He, in that summit, depicted that “CHINA NEEDS REFORMS.” Point here is, One interview, One criticism, and Jack Ma vanished like nowhere.

After Conference Allegations on Alibaba

Soon after that Summit, an investigation was launched on Alibaba by putting antitrust allegations on it. China launched an antitrust investigation into Alibaba as its crackdown on Jack Ma’s tech empire continues. The narrative started spreading that Alibaba is a monopoly and takes undue advantage of Chinese.

China cancelled AntGroup World’s Biggest IPO after SUMMIT of 24th Oct

ANTGROUP was Jack Ma’s fintech company. It was going to raise funds in world’s biggest IPO on Shanghai stock exchange. This was not a small IPO, it was of worth $34 Billions. In Covid-19 times, when all the world’s economies are looking for a ray of hope, suddenly a news pop up saying:

Chinese President XI Jinping decided to Halt IPO, as he personally decided to pull the plug on Ant Group’s $37Billion initial public offering. In short, China cancelled this IPO. As if this IPO scrapping was a message to other companies that whoever you are, criticism against CCP will not be tolerated. China openly sent a warning to all business entrepreneurs, showed the importance of Communist Party.

In simple words, you can’t say a word against China’s supreme party and that’s it.

Jack Ma missed his own African Talent Show

As we explained before, Jack Ma is a celebrity. So he always remains in the spotlight. He meets and interacts with global leaders. But eventually another coincident happened on 14th November, 2020, there was a grand finale of Jack Ma’s official African talent show. But he didn’t attend it. Various news experts says Jack Ma and his companies are under the scanner of Chinese regulators. Why he didn’t even attend his own talent show? Again, its a bit suspicious.

Logically, if a big personality like Him misses an event like this, as it supposed to be his prior commitment, he must release a video message. But no response from him at all. The only thing that was publicly communicated was that because of his scheduling issues, he could not be there. It is assumed that he is being pressurized.

Experts Thoughts about His absent whereabouts

One incidence can be a co-incidence. But so many incidences are happening back to back. Therefore, experts like RANA MITTER (Chinese History and Politics Professor, Oxford University) says:

I think there is an overall message that party is really sending. And that is that tech entrepreneurs may be most glamorous, the most publicly favorable face that China shows to the world. But there is no one individual, no one company bigger than Chinese Communist Party.”

Rana Mitter

How these coincidences related to us?

Last year, many countries like India banned TikTok, which is also an app from China. But as we believe, these Chinese app literally steal our data. In December 2020, CCP started demanding data collected in other countries. And Alibaba is one of those companies.

When “WHERE IS JACK MA” got in trend on Internet, Chinese Communist Party (CCP) official newspaper- People’s Daily published an entirely strange piece of news. This paper just told that “Jack Ma is now embracing supervision”. But you can’t read this story anymore. Because few hours after its publishing, this story got deleted.

Other Chinese Moguls also Disappeared and Got Detained

Well this is not a first incident that a Chinese Billionaire got disappeared suddenly. Many other Chinese Moguls have mysteriously dropped off their radar. Once a real estate mogul Ren Zhiqiang called Xi Jinping (China’s Supreme Leader) a clown. He said that Covid crisis was not not properly handled. And he too, got disappeared. But ultimately a news came that Ren Zhiqiang has been jailed for 18 years. He got detained in March after his criticism against CCP. Two reporters in Wuhan got disappeared also. Co-incidences like these keep happening in China often.


Its a true that there are many CCP members on the board of many companies. Moreover, members from China’s CCP are also working globally. And being against a party is inviting a co-incidence. Look, nobody knows where Jack Ma is. If such a powerful person has to bend in front of politicians, then the companies to which we share our data, have to bend as well.

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